These Instructions and terms for accommodation on operator's vessel will be known as Contract, Maritime Group Sweden AB will be known as MARITIME GROUP, the chartering party will be known as Charterer.
Boarding takes place at the home port berth for the boat, unless otherwise agreed. If the landing to take place elsewhere than the home port captain must give approval if it is possible, depending on traffic, wind, pier and profound.

Booking fee - 50% of the total amount, paid within 14 days after the booking.
Final payment - 50% of the total amount, paid 30 days before the start of charter.
All charters with prices are exclusive of 6% VAT when the yacht is chartered with a captain. Charters without captain 25% VAT. All prices on food and drink are stated excluding 12% VAT.
If the Charterer who has paid the charter price in the whole, informs MARTIME GROUP on his withdrawal from use of the Vessel not later than 30 days before the agreed charter should start, the Charterer has right for the retention of 50% of the paid amount. In other cases MARITIME GROUP is not obliged to return the Charterer amount paid.
The owner or captain has the full right to cancel the booked charter right up to the impending departure at the example; vessel breakdown, illness, etc. Full refund of the vessel rent - / booking amount which has been paid to MARITIME GROUP will be refunded to the tenant, bookers or customer.
Other compensation paid in addition to boat rental cannot be relied upon or be required by brokers, providers, skippers or owners.
Repayment is made with half the fee in the event of a delay more than 50% of the booked rental period time due to engine malfunction, failure, or other mechanical causes.
The following is not included in the repayment obligation, and no claims can be made against the organizer, ship owners, tour companies or other personnel. In other interruptions beyond ship owners, captains, MARITIME GROUP or Charterer control such as accidents, weather and ice problems, ForceMajure or activities by the Charterer which may jeopardize the security and public order onboard.
In connection with boat rental and charter the Charterer is responsible for damages, necessary extraordinary cleaning, reconditioning, cleaning and repair of the toilets because of not allowed waste or misuse caused by the Charterer and or its occupants guests.

The captain has the right to wholly or partially with immediate effect to cancel the charter, evicting people who constitute a danger to themselves, other passengers, crew or otherwise jeopardize the security and public order on board. No compensation or refund occurs or may be required by enforced measures as described above. The Charterer who rented the vessel, required additional costs incurred in connection with the forcible measures. The captain has the right to deviate from the planned route with reference to safety, weather, wind, ice or sea traffic regulations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, without any claim from the Charterer.

MARITIME GROUP boats are fully insured. The insurance covers any damage to the boat. The boat's insurance covers damage on the boat, including equipment, and liability to third parties, except for participants' personal injury and belongings. MARITIME GROUP or its representatives are not party to any insurance claim or dispute. If a dispute arises with MARITIME GROUP it shall be decided at the Gothenburg District Court.

General information
Vessels MARITIME GROUP convey or lease is in all cases commercial boats intended for charter but have not liquor license and restaurant permit. Charter vessels are classed by the Swedish Transport Agency including passenger certificate. Skipper holds minimum Deck Officer Class 8 or other requisite permissions, such as the Master of the Yacht of the ships, where required. Other staff have the necessary permissions for the vessel size and purpose. All boats are equipped with the necessary safety equipment such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, lifelines, lifebuoys, first aid packets and life rafts. Embarkation shall be informed before departure of security equipment positioning signals and procedures in case of incidents. Each boat has its maximized certification of the number of passengers. There should never be more boarding (persons) than that specified for each vessel. The ship does not leave the dock on the number of passengers will be exceeded. No refund of the charter hire is made in the event of the above.

Multihull Racing
In cooperation with Aston Harald sports we are arranging M32 racing events on the water just outside Hönö. No matter if you are a experienced sailor or a beginner you will enjoy the event.
We can arrange transfers and pick you up in Gothenburg or Långedrag with our ribs and drive out on a speedy trip to Hönö.

The M32 Catamaran is the fastest and most extreme non-foiling catamaran in the world. It sails on the on the World Match Racing Tour and has quickly become a highly appreciated boat. The fast catamaran puts high demands on cooperation on board, but its simplicity allows many to sail it.

  • Yacht model: M32
  • Length: 9,7 m
  • Beam: 4,9 m
  • Mast height: 16,30 m
  • Sail area main: 53,7 sqm
  • Sailarea gennaker: 59,5
  • Weight: 450 kg

  • 3-5 hours, up to 6 persons (1 yachts): SEK 24 000
  • 3-5 hours, up to 9 persons (2 yachts): SEK 30 000
  • 3-5 hours, up to 18 persons (2 yachts): SEK 45 000
  • 3-5 hours, up to 27 persons (3 yachts): SEK 64 000

All prices excluding 25% VAT
Captain, deckhand, transfer RIB, foul weather gear, life jackets, helms are included in above prices.

GKSS Regatta Sailing
Together with GKSS are we arranging fleet racing regatta events on the water just outside GKSS & Långedrag harbour. You will manage the dinghies yourself. So the guests will need some experience to participate in this event.

The Topper Omega is a small sailing dinghy for 1-2 persons and is perfect for regatta sailing. GKSS has 20 dinghies ready for sail which gives us the opportunity to arrange fair regattas for larger companies.

  • Yacht model: Topper Omega
  • Length: 4,64m
  • Beam: 1,8m
  • Sail area: 14sqm

  • 3-5 hours: SEK 900 per person
All prices excluding 25% VAT
Transfer RIB, foul weather gear & lifewests are included in above prices.
GKSS Sprint Racing
Together with GKSS are we arranging Sprint Racing events on the water just outside GKSS & Långedrag harbour.

The group is divided into teams of 4-5 people in each, all equipped with foul weather gear, gloves and life jackets. The teams compete against each other according to a match schedule and each race takes about 15 minutes. We have a team coach / skipper aboard every sailboat.

All boats start simultaneously on a track close to land and it is important to find such an advantageous position as possible in relation to track, wind and competitors. The boats meet in a real duel when it comes to maneuvering each other and first over the finish line wins. The referee judges directly on the course during the race.

No matter if you are a experienced sailor or a beginner you will enjoy the event.

  • Yacht model: FAREAST 28R
  • Length: 28 ft / 9,07 m
  • Beam: 2,75 m
  • Draught: 1,75 m
  • Sail area: 48sqm

  • 3-5 hours, up to 20 persons (2 yachts): SEK 27 000
  • 3-5 hours, 70-80 persons (6 yachts): SEK 51 000
All prices excluding 25% VAT
Captain, transfer RIB, foul weather gear & life jackets are included in above prices.

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